The one thing that virtually every movie, book, game, show, anime and script has in common is that they all have at least one character. Most have two or more, and some—a cast of hundreds! Sometimes the “character” may even be you.

Regardless of who the characters are, movies and books and all the rest would be lifeless and boring without them. This guide will provide the basics and help you learn how you can create a well-written character!

Theres just, so much to life, in every decision we make. Every road we choose. A new future with infinite possibilities pivoting at this very moment into countless more!

There really is no bad or good road.

There are just patches of bad road and stretches of good ones.

Whatever i am, wherever i am today is the result of decisions, roads taken, choices made beyond count.

We think what would i have been if i had pushed it a little further back then. What would have happened if..